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Comprehensive Candidate Recruitment

Search assignments are accepted on Contingency, Retained Contingency, or Full Retainer depending on the nature of the position to be filled. Please contact us directly to discuss which option may apply best to your open position(s).

Identifying Specific Talent

When we begin a search, we are able to quickly identify potential candidates by searching our proprietary, industry-specific database of people we have had previous contact with.  We then broaden the search by integrating the power of web-based sourcing and an ongoing robust referral program. We contact all potential candidates directly and discuss in detail the responsibilities, objectives, and requirements of the position as well as the unique culture of your organization and the hiring team.

Early in our interview process, we identify a candidate's career goals and expectations. We want to ensure that meeting the candidate's requirements for employment are within reasonable and achievable limits of your organization. Such diligence significantly reduces time lost in pursuit of candidates whose personal expectations cannot be met.

Our approach mitigates roadblocks early

We identify and find solutions for any potential late-stage deal breakers such as:

  • Commuting Distance
  • Relocation
  • Amount of Business Related Travel
  • Financial Handcuffs

Comprehensive Interviewing

Before a candidate is presented to the client for consideration, they are interviewed and screened for:

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Career Goals
  • Motivation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Accomplishments
  • Personal Expectations
Staff Checking Clients Background

Reference and background checks are performed on selected candidates. This may also include State and Federal Disbarment and criminal records search.