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For Candidates

Your relationship with us is confidential

All contact from our offices is handled with discretion and confidentiality, and as such the nature of our association will never be divulged or compromised in any way. Just as importantly, your name, company affiliation or your resume will never be shared with a client unless you have given us your verbal or written consent.

Whether we have reached out to you with an opportunity to consider, or you are just curious in exploring the possibilities of how a job change may bring about a new opportunity for career growth and quality of life, we welcome having the discussion with you.  When we present a new opportunity to you, we provide a full written job description with the reason why the position is open as well as other pertinent details regarding the team, department and the organization as a whole.  With all of this, you will be able to make a fully informed decision on whether or not to pursue the opportunity at hand.

Staff Giving Guidance for Applicant Interview

Interview Preparation & Guidance

Once you are scheduled for an interview we will work with you to make certain that you are well prepared and ready to meet with all of the individuals on the hiring team. Through each phase of your candidacy we will offer guidance as well as to be an advocate of your interest in moving forward.  Then, when the time comes, we will help to insure that an offer of employment is in line with your expectations and in meeting your career goals.

Job Transitions & Relocations

 We understand the dynamics associated with recieving an offer of employment and transitioning to a new company.  We will continue to work with you providing  advice and guidance on how to best handle your resignation with your current employer, as well as working through a relocation process if there is one, right up to your first day in your new position.